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News:New and Exciting Shells on their way

As at February 2015 - there are 3 categories available; Half Ton (1.5 litre formula), Return to Power, (3 litre formula) and the Track Heroes shell from the1950s. In Half Ton there is the Cooper T60 from 1962, the 1963 Brabham BT3, the BRM P261, and the 1962 Lotus 25, shortly to be joined by the classic 1963 version.

Return to Power includes the Hondola from 1967, the Brabham BT19 and 20, the Brabham BT24,   the 1966 Ferrari 312, the Cooper 1966 T81 and the 66/67 H16 BRM .  The Track Heroes series is now available with the Ferrari 801.

A new series of classic racing saloon cars is now on its way to flesh out the TinTops range and other series will soon be available.

Decals are available for the first two categories; they have been produced to fit our bodies by Milan Tomasek and Indycals. We are working on decals for the Tin Tops series.

We have shown you what we have done and are doing with our bodyshells, now what can you make?